Spousal Support: A Two-Step Process

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is a scheduled payment from one spouse to the other after divorce. Contrary to popular belief, spousal support is not awarded based on the income of both parties. A spousal support order is established from a two-part analysis.

The first part of this analysis comes down to the question of self-sufficiency. Can the spouse requesting support provide for themselves after divorce? A judge will consider whether the party in question lacks sufficient property or earning ability in the working market to meet their needs. Once the need for spousal support is established, the court must determine the amount and duration of spousal support payments.

Determining The Amount And Duration Of Support

If you or your spouse qualifies for spousal support, then the amount and extent of support is determined by a number of factors. A judge will consider some of the following items, and more:

  • Length of the marriage
  • The standard of living
  • Sacrifices made for the family, including career opportunities
  • Contributions to the other spouse's education
  • Financial resources of both parties

There is no exact formula for spousal support in Arizona. A judge will factor all of these considerations and more into their final decision. It is important to receive legal guidance from an attorney due to the flexible nature of spousal support orders.

At Martinez Family Law, I have assisted a number of clients through complex divorce and spousal support proceedings. As an experienced litigation lawyer, I offer a confident and strategic argument in court. I can help you acquire the appropriate order through detailed analysis, research and an assertive representation.

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