Addressing Spousal Support Concerns

The family court will go through a two-step process in determining spousal support: first, the court must consider whether a party qualifies for spousal support, and second, if a party does qualify then the court must determine the amount and duration of support.

Questions having to do with spousal support commonly arise prior to and during a divorce. These questions include:

  • Is spousal support appropriate with the dissolution of this marriage?
  • Can both spouses support themselves?
  • If one spouse has been dependent, will that spouse need vocational retraining or other extra time or assistance to reach a state of self-sufficiency?
  • Did the dependent spouse help the breadwinning spouse through college or otherwise support his or her professional pursuits?
  • What standard of living was established during the marriage? What level of spousal support will enable the recipient spouse to approach that standard?
  • Will the spouse who is ordered to pay support also be able to provide for his or her own needs?
  • How much spousal support is appropriate, and for how long?

Answers to these questions can be documented through testimony, bank account records, vocational expert analysis and other credible means.

The Judge Will Look At Many Factors

Spousal support is not determined by way of straightforward calculations as is the case with child support. Rather, family law judges take into account a variety of factors, including the total financial resources of each party. A knowledgeable and skilled family law attorney can help you put your best foot forward as you petition for what you believe is fair, whether you are likely to pay spousal support or receive it.

Learn More In A Consultation With An Attorney

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