Experienced Legal Representation For Paternity Proceedings

You may assume that your child has two legal parents because your names are listed on the birth certificate. It is important to note that in Arizona, a father is not automatically considered a legal parent, even if he is listed on the birth certificate. Your child may not have a legal father if the child was conceived out of wedlock. If this is the case, then you must first file for an order of paternity to establish a legal father for your child.

Why Do I Need An Order Of Paternity?

There are a number of important reasons to establish paternity. Your motivation may include:

An order of paternity will establish legal safeguards for both parties. Fathers can legally pursue child custody and visitation time with their child. Paternity can establish legal protection of visitation if you separate, divorce or if the other parent withholds parenting time.

Child support calculations may be incorrect without an order for paternity. You will be more likely to receive the correct amount of child support after paternity is established. While a parent can promise that their child support will be paid on time, that is not always the case. Legal paternity will make acquiring child support enforcement order easier.

Assertive Legal Advocacy For Paternity Proceedings

Finances and valuable time with your children is on the line in paternity proceedings. As your lawyer, I offer skilled representation for filing an order of paternity and representing you in all involved hearings. Once the order of paternity is requested, the mother and the father have the choice to consent to the order of paternity. A consent to an order of paternity means that both parties agree to the request and the father is established as a legal parent.

If paternity is contested, then you may need to order genetic testing. Once the DNA testing is complete, both parties can either consent to the order of paternity or take the case to a hearing. At Martinez Family Law, I will walk you through proceedings step by step, ensuring that your interests are protected.

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