Addressing Domestic Violence Issues

Domestic violence is a common issue in the time period leading up to a divorce. This is often the case even among people with no prior violent crime history. The pain and confusion associated with separation from one's life partner leads many people to behave differently than usual.

Martinez Family Law represents people on either side of the coin in domestic violence situations: those who have been accused, and those who have been threatened or harmed.

Have You Been Accused of Domestic Violence?

Once a wife or husband has made accusations of domestic violence, the accused will need legal representation to prevent:

  • A criminal record
  • Denied access to his or her home and/or children
  • Potential harm to child custody negotiations

Ask me, lawyer Elizabeth J. Martinez, how I can help protect your rights after your spouse or partner has falsely claimed that you hurt him or her.

Are You Living In Fear Because Your Spouse or Partner Has Threatened You or Your Children?

The other side of the coin is the fear that one party may experience when the other has acted out. Threats, physical blows, harassment or break-ins typically trigger petitions for orders of protection.

If you are afraid because your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or "ex" has harmed you, harassed you, harmed a child, broken property or otherwise committed acts of assault or domestic violence, Martinez Family Law can help you pursue a protective order.

Note: Orders of protection should not be used as tools of revenge. Do not ask me to help you get an order of protection to get your spouse out of the house or to prevent him or her from being near your children, without good reason.

Learn More About Orders of Protection In Arizona

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