Helping You Enforce Court Orders In Arizona

Many people who enter into divorce negotiations do not realize that a family law court order does not hold power over creditors. If your divorce decree states that your spouse must pay certain debts or take over mortgage payments, this does not guarantee that he or she will follow through. A lending institution may continue to hold you responsible for credit card bills or house payments even if your divorce decree states otherwise.

For this reason and in related situations, many clients of Martinez Family Law seek direction and representation in enforcement matters such as:

  • Enforcement of property and debt division orders
  • Enforcement of child custody orders
  • Enforcement of child support orders
  • Enforcement of spousal support orders

Ready To Handle Any Enforcement Issue

Martinez Family Law can help deal with any issues related to enforcement of court orders in family law cases. I am Elizabeth J. Martinez, Arizona family lawyer, and I am interested in hearing about your challenges in the area of enforcement of court orders.

Consult with me to explore ways to compel your former spouse or your child's other parent to comply with terms of a court order.

For example, a family law judge may order a redistribution of assets to account for your ex-wife's or ex-husband's failure to comply with debt distribution or property distribution orders as set forth in your divorce decree. If the noncompliant party is receiving state assistance of any kind, recovery may come about through withholding from those payments.

Collections and/or court order modifications may bring you the relief that you seek and to which you are entitled.

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