Strong Guidance Through The Divorce Process

Every divorce must account for property division. Distribution of community assets often includes provisions for who will own what after a divorce, taking into account:

  • Real estate
  • Retirement plans
  • Businesses
  • Savings accounts
  • Other financial accounts
  • Investments
  • Vehicles
  • Personal property such as household goods

When there are minor children in a marriage, the divorce decree must also include child custody and child support orders. Some divorces also include spousal support orders. Understanding what goes into each of these areas of a divorce is the first step toward devising a cost-effective strategy for the process of obtaining a dissolution of a marriage.

I Keep Your Concerns Front And Center

At Martinez Family Law, a client's concerns are front and center. I am Phoenix divorce attorney Elizabeth J. Martinez, and I work directly for my clients. I am able to customize my legal services to the unique needs and aspects of each divorce. I gladly take the time needed to educate and guide my clients, while also being mindful of their desire to contain the costs of a divorce. Cost-effective legal processes are best achieved when parties to a divorce reach a settlement sooner rather than later. This is why I encourage my clients to keep the big picture clearly in focus while negotiating terms of a divorce.

While it is true that an expedited divorce settlement is preferable, it is also important not to take shortcuts or avoid critical issues. Clients often state that they and their spouses agree on the terms to their divorces. They say they just want help getting through a "bare-bones" divorce process. Through in-depth discussions with me, Elizabeth J. Martinez, however, they soon learn that there are areas of their divorces that require greater attention and legal analysis.

Retirement accounts, upside-down real estate mortgages, division of complex asset portfolios, or custody disputes can make a divorce more challenging. Martinez Family Law is ready to provide the guidance that you need to feel confident that your long-term interests are reflected in the final divorce decree.

Learn More In A Free Consultation

What if you are only contemplating divorce, or you believe your spouse is contemplating divorce? Or you realize that you or your spouse will ultimately file for divorce, but you want or need to postpone it for any of a number of reasons. It is still wise to consult with a divorce attorney sooner rather than later. Divorce planning can be especially important for a dependent spouse. Learn about steps you can take early on that can help protect yourself and pave the way to a smooth Arizona divorce. Contact us by phone at 602-730-7455 or email us today.