Skilled Assistance With Property Division

As you prepare for an Arizona divorce, there are steps you can take to promote your own best interests in the final outcome.

Some of the necessary steps in the property division aspect of divorce include:

  • Inventory and characterize property, including bank accounts, real estate, retirement plans, vehicles, household goods, sporting equipment, memberships, timeshares, stocks and bonds, collectibles, animals of value, vacation property and life insurance policies.
  • Once a divorce petition has been filed and served, keep income and debt records separate from your spouse's.
  • Consult with your divorce attorney about the difference between community property and separate property.
  • Be careful not to commingle separate property with community property.
  • Talk to your lawyer about options regarding the marital home, which may be your biggest asset, your biggest debt liability, or both. If your mortgage is upside down, this will naturally affect how property division and debt division are handled.

At Martinez Family Law, clients can expect straightforward advice aimed at helping them come out in as good a financial position as they can after a divorce.

What To Do About Marital Debt and Large Assets

I am Elizabeth J. Martinez, a devoted and experienced Phoenix property division attorney. I am prepared to guide you through the challenging process of property division in all of its phases. I am successful at finding creative solutions to vexing problems, such as valuing and dividing a business or locating funds and assets that the other party attempts to hide. Sometimes it is necessary to hire an outside expert, such as a business evaluator or forensic accountant, to effectuate a fair and equitable division of property.

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