Help With Child Custody And Visitation Issues

The most emotional, and the most often contested, area of family law tends to be child custody (legal decision-making) and parenting time (visitation). Parents naturally seek to put their children's interests first when a family is breaking up. They realize that the stakes are high if they wish to maintain and nurture strong parent-child relationships through and beyond the stressful time of divorce or separation. The patterns and dynamics fostered between parents and children during and after a marital breakup can set the tone for a lifetime.

Protecting Your Parental Rights

I am Elizabeth J. Martinez, an Arizona family law attorney with a heart for children, parents and families. I derive professional and personal satisfaction from helping families navigate the challenges of family law matters, including child custody and parenting time negotiations or disputes.

Regardless of where you are in the divorce process, I can advise you on ways to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome in family law court when it comes time to determine parenting time rights. For example, attending children's school programs and doctors' visits can help document and verify your investment in your children's daily lives. You may stand a better chance of getting more time with your children if you can convince a family law judge that you are already very involved in their upbringing.

You may or may not be the primary residential parent, but you are entitled to assert your parental rights through the process of child custody negotiations and litigation. Joint legal custody (legal decision-making) is the norm in Arizona. However, sole legal decision-making may be granted to one parent in certain circumstances, including where there has been significant domestic violence, alcohol abuse, or drug abuse.

The court may also look at the physical and mental health of both parents. If you have a concern about the other parent in this regard, various resources can provide assistance, including court-appointed advisors, custody evaluations, mental health evaluations, and drug testing.

Keep Your Child's Best Interests In Mind

Percentages of physical custody are determined with children's best interests in focus. It is important not to use your children as pawns in a game of revenge on the other parent. The steady counsel of a talented custody lawyer can help ensure that you do not fall in into the trap of temptation to use custody negotiations as a tool in a relationship war.

Instead, it is critical to keep your eyes clearly on the most important goals that you have for your children:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Education
  • Family ties
  • Security and stability

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