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Martinez Family Law exists with the sole purpose of helping people through the often difficult legal processes involved in family law matters such as divorce and child custody disputes. I am Elizabeth J. Martinez, attorney at law, and I welcome you to my law offices in Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss issues of great importance to your family and your future. I have both personal and professional experience with a number of family law concerns, and I am truly interested in helping you devise and pursue cost-effective solutions.

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Are you facing the prospect of divorce? Do you worry about what will happen with your children in a divorce proceeding? Do you need an order of protection or do you wish to have an order of protection lifted? Are you seeking a modification of a court order or enforcement of a court order? Martinez Family Law can help.

When children are involved, they should be the primary focus. What is best for the children regarding custody should come before what is best for each parent. In a divorce with children, parents have the difficult task of restructuring their family and must learn to co-parent. However, oftentimes, one parent will have serious and genuine concerns about the other parent's ability and fitness to parent. I can help in these circumstances.

I also handle cases where the parents were never married, such as paternity and child custody and support establishment cases. I am empathetic as well as skilled and knowledgeable.

I can also help you pursue immediate relief during divorce proceedings by filing for temporary orders for spousal support, child support, parenting time and legal decision-making (or custody).

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Contact me, Phoenix divorce and family law lawyer Elizabeth J. Martinez, to schedule a consultation, with no further obligation implied.